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TV Above the Wood Stove – How Safe Is It?


A TV above or next to the wood-burning stove isn’t recommended but is possible if all the safety precautions are followed. This includes protecting your TV from the fireplace’s heat…

27 DIY Wooden Cable Spool Ideas


Wooden wire spools are something that can be found easily and for free if you know where to look. If you have ever seen a wooden cable spool lying around…

How to Spackle Wood – Tips and Tricks

Spackle does have certain advantages over other wood filler types, making it the best choice for some situations. First of all, it’s much easier to sand and doesn’t require as…

Types of Wood

What Can You Use Monkey Puzzle Wood For?


The Monkey Puzzle tree is an evergreen conifer that thrives in the temperate rainforests of south-central Chile and adjacent areas in Argentina. In Chile, the species can live among two…

What Can ELM Wood Be Used For?


The American elm was once one of the most widespread species of tree in North America. It was often planted as a roadside tree in cities because it provided good…

What Does RTD Plywood Mean?


If you’ve never worked in construction before, understanding the sector can be difficult. Even in the plywood section, many individuals are overwhelmed by the options available to them. RTD plywood…

BCX Plywood – What Does It Mean?


In simplest terms, BCX plywood is a kind of plywood made by bonding B-grade to C-grade ply with waterproof e(X)terior grade glue. The sheets used in the making are smooth…

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Wood Finishing Ideas and Tips

What is Snakewood – How to Finish It?


Snakewood is among the rarest and most expensive commercially available wood species worldwide. The main reason it is so expensive is that it is tough to work with, and the…

What is Patina on Wood?


The way our furniture changes colors over time from being left outside is something we refer to as patina. This usually happens to natural wood, such as teak wood, when…

Wood Thrive’s: Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Lumber Does Tractor Supply Carry?


Tractor Supply is a store most often frequented by rural folks, such as farmers and ranchers, who come for everything they need for their small business needs focusing on agricultural…

Joinery vs. Carpentry: What is the Difference?


In terms of construction and architecture, the two main trades associated with handling wood are joinery and carpentry. Admittedly, the similarities between the two professions are quite close, and many…

What is Dimensional Lumber – What is it Used for?


Used for many thousands of years as construction material, lumber is still a mainstay of many housings, commercial, and structural construction. Until relatively recently, specific sizes of wood were cut…

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