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11 Basic Carpentry Skills for Beginners


Carpentry as a profession is a very old one, but it is also a very versatile one. A carpenter can work in different types of settings, from residential to industrial…

How to Stop Sap Coming Out of Deck Boards?


A problem that many DIY home renovators do not anticipate is the fact that sap sometimes seeps out of the wood of a new deck. Many first-time woodworkers will quickly…

Types of Wood

Poplar vs. Pine – What Stains Better?


Neither poplar nor pine holds regular wood stains well. Wood stains will need to get soaked into the wood for more prominent results. But both these wood varieties don’t accept…

What Does Kindling Wood Mean?


Kindling wood refers to small pieces of wood that are used to help start a fire. The small size of the pieces allows them to catch fire easily, which in…

Tamarind Wood – Properties and Common Uses


You’ll find Tamarind Wood in many different places around the world. But the species itself is native to the tropical portions of Africa. A typical Tamarind will grow up to…

Tools and Accessories

Wood Finishing Ideas and Tips

What is Spalting in Lumber?


Spalted wood is any kind of lumber that’s been affected and discolored by fungi. During the spalting process, the fungi usually populate and extract the nutrients from the wood, leaving…

Wood Thrive’s: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dimensional Lumber – What is it Used for?


Used for many thousands of years as construction material, wood or lumber is still a mainstay of many housings, commercial, and structural construction. Until relatively recently, specific sizes of wood…

What are TJI Joists in Construction?


Both roofs and flooring need support to remain stable and to handle loads such as people, furniture, and items. While many think of using dimensional lumber for support, a popular…

Is Wood a Biodegradable & Sustainable Material?


Yes, wood is a biodegradable and sustainable material. Its waste is 100% biodegradable and has a lighter carbon footprint than steel or concrete.  When used in construction, wood can remove…

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