Hey visitors, I am Mark Garner.

And I am the owner of WoodThrive.com.

Wood and wood grains are beautiful.

And when you work on them passionately, you can craft them to get something special – that is not only attractive and pleasing to the eyes but also a luxury.

That’s the reason I have been an ardent lover of working with timber since my childhood.

I remember those days when I was a child – I always loved playing with old wooden toys in our backyard.

As time passed, I loved the idea of how the beautiful lumber is used extensively in our homes for decorations, furnishings, furniture, etc.

And as I grew young, I don’t know when this love for wood turned into my passion and profession.

Yes, I have worked as a carpenter in Peoria, Arizona, for more than two decades now.

Basically born in North-East Asia, I am currently living in the small city of Peoria, Arizona, with my family.

Today I am old enough to work for my clients, but not so old that I cannot carry out my passion for woods. That’s the reason I call myself a semi-retired woodworker!

And that’s the motive behind why I started Wood Thrive

What is Wood Thrive All About?

Mark Garner

Wood Thrive is your ultimate guide where you can get solutions to different types of wood problems you may encounter when working with timber.

From wood cutting, carving, cleaning, painting, staining, and varnishing your furniture to finishing lumber in your garden, I will try to cover various aspects here on my WoodThrive blog.

Also, I will also discuss the various different kinds of electrical and manual tools, wood crafting techniques, and technologies that are today used for making your wood items thrive for a long.

Hopefully, you can use my experience and all these craftsmanship ideas (through videos, articles, expert reviews, and more) for furnishing your home and office (indoors as well as outdoors).

Why Wood Thrive and Woodworking?

It’s needless to say that every modern house requires varieties of wooden amenities.

And that’s the reason I think that the woodworking business is becoming quite profitable in this current era.

Mark Garner at Woodthrive

Many people don’t prefer bosses and interfering with their own creative work.

Carpentry and DIY woodworking are excellent choices for them for many reasons.

If anyone has the hobby of carpentry, he can start with a woodworking shop without any hesitation.

It can be started from scratch, or a woodworking firm can be bought to establish the carpentry business.

Besides these two options mentioned above, owners can be associated with a franchise for developing this trade.

For some reason, if you think you are not as knowledgeable about “wood” and “woodworking,” WoodThrive can be a great help for you.

We have many valuable tips and ideas related to woodworking, carpentry, refinishing wood, and ultimately what is all involved in protecting the wood at home and in the garden.

You are always welcome to learn new things through articles and free guides we have available for you.

So, without any delay, let’s explore the journey…

Yours Truly

Mark Garner


Let Your Wood Thrive Forever…

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