How Do You Put Out Duraflame Logs?

Whether you are hoping to create a beautiful atmosphere in space or want to warm up a cold room, using a manufactured fire log such as those made by Duraflame will make the process more enjoyable. Duraflame Firelogs are easy to light and put out again, letting you spend more time enjoying the fire itself. … Read more

What Are Some Good Decking Options – Other Than Wood?

If you’re like most homeowners, the idea of building a deck conjures images of hours of hard labor—digging holes, measuring and sawing lumber, pounding nails. And if you’re thinking about decking your yard with wood, you’re in for even more work: Choosing the right kind of lumber, treating it against decay and insects, and keeping … Read more

What is a Floor Truss – Types, Benefits, & Usage

For building a house, storage, or other structure that has flooring, one of the considerations is whether to include floor trusses as part of the build. While floor trusses are not always necessary, they can speed up installation time for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. What follows is an explanation of what floor trusses are, … Read more

Can A Leftover Wood Stain and Varnish Go Down the Drain?

For those who have spent hours painting their own home, getting rid of the excess wood stain, paint and varnishes seem as easy as pouring it down the drain. Of course, you do not want to pour the stain and varnishes down the kitchen sink drain as that will clog the pipes. However, there are … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Marine Ply (For Building Boats)?

Marine-grade plywood is currently used for a variety of different boats all around the globe. However, because the sheet of marine grade ply is so high-quality, it’s more expensive than regular plywood. This is in fact one of the biggest downsides of marine-ply which you may need to remember when building boats. Plus, it’s not … Read more

Can You Put DITRA Over Plywood Floors?

Wood flooring is generally not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms due to the humid environment. This is why most homeowners have tiles installed in such rooms. However, while tiles are an excellent option, you cannot place tiles directly onto plywood. You will need a cushion such as DITRA. Otherwise, tiles that are applied directly to … Read more

Can I Put a Wood Stove in My Basement for Heating House?

The basement offers the perfect living space for a guest room, den, or activity room. However, the basement is not connected to the same HVAC system that serves your home. This means during the winter it can get quite cold in your basement. One method to solve this situation is by adding a wood-burning stove. … Read more

Can You Use Sawdust as Compost?

It’s likely that you have a large pile of sawdust leftover after constructing your raised garden bed or even sawing down trees in your yard. While sawdust is commonly used as animal bedding, you can also use it to make compost. Sawdust is quite compostable and is one of the most preferred materials for adding … Read more

Is Wood a Pure Substance or a Mixture (Explained)

Wood is made up of several different substances which contrary to popular belief are not bonded to each other. However, it is important to understand what a pure substance is in comparison to wood. Is Wood a Pure Substance? A pure substance is a material that only has one element. For example, pure gold means … Read more

Can You Put Wood in the Recycle Bin – Where to Dump Instead?

Since paper and wood both come from trees and paper is recyclable, one might think that wood is also recyclable. Perhaps surprisingly, wood is unable to be recycled. Recycling centers are simply not equipped at this point in time to handle wood. Also, much of the wood used today is usually treated, making it difficult … Read more

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