Do You Tip Home Depot Door and Carpet Installers?


Home Depot is known to offer its customers the most fabulous services, no matter if they shop at its stores or order something from its website. The services are so good that people usually don’t think about tipping the staff, but it is always appreciated if you had a great experience. Door and carpet installers … Read more

What Kind Of Lumber Does Tractor Supply Carry?


Tractor Supply is a store most often frequented by rural folks, such as farmers and ranchers, who come for everything they need for their small business needs focusing on agricultural and ranch applications. So, they sell a variety of fencing supplies, including wood fence posts and T-posts. Tractor Supply also sells wood composite deck boards … Read more

What is Amish Furniture? (History, Uniqueness, and Cost)


The simple answer to what Amish furniture is is that it is furniture created by the Amish people. But there is a lot more to what is this type of furniture than the heritage of those who create it.  Amish furniture is really an extension of the techniques perfected with the development of modern hand … Read more

Joinery vs. Carpentry: What is the Difference?


In terms of construction and architecture, the two main trades associated with handling wood are joinery and carpentry. Admittedly, the similarities between the two professions are quite close, and many people are confused as to which one to hire for their project.  But there are differences between the two professions. And knowing that will help … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Shiplap and Beadboard?


In the days when wood was the primary building material for ships, housing, and other structures, the connection of the wood planks or panels presented issues with allowing water to seep inside. To counteract that possibility, different types of joint designs were created to seal such gaps and create a waterproof hull, wall, or ceiling.  … Read more

What is Dimensional Lumber – What is it Used for?


Used for many thousands of years as construction material, lumber is still a mainstay of many housings, commercial, and structural construction. Until relatively recently, specific sizes of wood were cut straight from the lumber and customized to the project at hand.  However, the creation of dimensional lumber changed all that, making the construction process far … Read more

What are TJI Joists in Construction?


Both roofs and flooring need support to remain stable and to handle loads such as people, furniture, and items. While many think of using dimensional lumber for support, a popular alternative is to use TJI joists. This is an engineered joist that remains intact while resisting warping, twisting, and shrinkage. The result is that the … Read more

Beam vs. Girder vs. Joist – What’s the Difference?


The terms beam, girder, and joist may seem interchangeable, but there are important differences between them. In general terms, a joist and a girder basically are beams. The term beam is more all-encompassing when referring to a supporting structure for a roof or flooring. Consider beam to be the general term, while joist and girder … Read more

How Far Apart Should Bookshelves Be On Your Bookshelf?


Between 8 and 12 inches is decent shelf spacing when you are installing a wooden bookshelf on your wall. If you have extra-large volumes, you might want to go up to 15 inches instead of the usual 8 to 12 inches. If you have a collection of big and small books to put on the … Read more

Why is Wood a Biodegradable Material? (Is it Sustainable)


Wood is a biodegradable and sustainable material because its waste is 100% biodegradable and has a lighter carbon footprint than steel or concrete. When used in construction, wood can remove an estimated 21 million tons of C02 from the atmosphere annually. This is equal to taking more than 4 million cars off the road. Various … Read more

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