TV Above the Wood Stove – How Safe Is It?


A TV above or next to the wood-burning stove isn’t recommended but is possible if all the safety precautions are followed. This includes protecting your TV from the fireplace’s heat by building a mantel and also keeping all the combustibles at a proper distance to avoid fire hazards. Wood pellet stoves and log burners give … Read more

30+ Gun Rack and Cabinet Plans [Blueprints for DIY Build]


Owning a pistol or a rifle comes with the responsibility of storing it in a safe and secure manner. A gun rack or a cabinet is, therefore, important, and it’s an excellent way to store your firearms, ensuring that they are out of the reach of children and protected from the elements. The problem is … Read more

30 Functional Things to Build with Tree Logs


Wood logs from trees are one of the most versatile natural resources. You can use them for fuel or make furniture, tools, buildings, etc. The good thing is they are easy to come by – all you need is a chainsaw and some patience – and they are often free. If you’re searching for something … Read more

27 DIY Wooden Cable Spool Ideas


Wooden wire spools are something that can be found easily and for free if you know where to look. If you have ever seen a wooden cable spool lying around and wondered what you could do with them, wonder no more. We have some fantastic pieces of advice, plans, and ideas for you that will … Read more

How to Spackle Wood – Tips and Tricks

Spackle does have certain advantages over other wood filler types, making it the best choice for some situations. First of all, it’s much easier to sand and doesn’t require as much time to dry, which means you can sand and apply paint or other finishes much sooner than with a joint compound. Spackle is also … Read more

11 Basic Carpentry Skills for Beginners


Carpentry as a profession is a very old one, but it is also a very versatile one. A carpenter can work in different types of settings, from residential to industrial and everything in between. And with increasing demand in this industry, it’s becoming one of the most lucrative and profitable professions worldwide. No matter what … Read more

Sap Leaking from Deck Boards – How to Fix?


A do-it-yourself lover will often see sap coming from a deck. You could be walking on a deck on a hot summer day and have your shoes stuck to the deck. Most likely, using inexpensive wood to build the deck that was not given enough time to sit for the sap to dry before construction … Read more

How to Anchor Landscape Lumber (4×4) to the Ground?


Sometimes called landscape timber, landscape lumber is a product used to fashion raised beds and retaining walls, edging, and steps. The lumber must be properly secured to the ground to ensure that the feature remains stable for a long time. This often means multiple layers of wood that are connected or fastened together to increase … Read more

Putting a Fire Pit Under the Gazebo – Is It Safe?


A backyard gazebo heated with a fireplace sounds to be the best idea to make it more comfortable and inviting. You can spend colder evenings outside with your family or friends if you have a reliable source of heat. But is it safe to use a fire pit under the wooden gazebo in the first … Read more

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