Cork Flooring: The Pros and Cons


Cork is the material taken from the bark of cork oak trees and turned into a number of products like flooring and wine corks, to name a few. To make cork flooring, leftover material from the production of wine cork is ground up, mixed with resin, and then made into planks, sheets, and tiles. It … Read more

What is Wenge Wood – What Can You Use it For?

Wenge wood is one of the more popular types of wood used for the creation of furniture, paneling, and veneer. However, because of the lack of new trees, it has become an endangered species. Originating in Central and West Africa, Wenge wood comes from a rather large tree that grows well over 60’ in height … Read more

Pear Tree Wood – Characteristics and Common Uses

The pear tree is a rather common tree that is mostly found in central and eastern Europe. Although its popularity is such that you can find the pear tree growing in many parts of the world. Called pyrus communis, the pear tree is known for its fruit which is quite popular around the world. But … Read more

Brazilian Tulipwood – Characteristics and Common Uses

Tulipwood is a popular wood used for building materials. In addition to Brazil, the wood can be found in the eastern half of North America and in parts of China. Although it has no relation to poplars, it is often called the tulip poplar in North America. The Brazilian tulipwood is noted for its density … Read more

Hawthorn Lumber – Characteristics and Common Uses

The tree that produces Hawthorn lumber originates in Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. It is rather a medium size on the tree scale, growing to an average height of 30’ with a trunk diameter of 18”. Despite its average size, most Hawthorn trees do not grow large enough to be used for larger projects … Read more

Can Apple Tree Wood Be Used for Making Furniture?

You will find apple wood being used for many different items. However, its most popular use is that of wood turned furniture. This is because apple wood is durable, tough, and long-lasting. This makes it the perfect choice for furniture and woodworking hobby crafts. You will see apple wood used for inlay work, musical instruments, … Read more

Different Types of Marine Plywood – Which One to Choose?

Marine-grade plywood is named so because it’s made to withstand different environmental conditions like temperature, moisture, rain, snow, etc. However, this isn’t the only qualification that plywood needs to meet before it can be labeled “marine grade”. There are a few other deciding factors also like it can only be made from Western Larch or … Read more

What is AC Grade Plywood – How It’s Different from BC?

The term plywood applies to engineered lumber that consists of at least three layers and often more. The faces of the layers are oriented 90 degrees from the previous layer to add strength and durability. The plywood or veneer is then graded in terms of quality, but that does not denote their applications or structural … Read more

What is Camphor Wood – Is It Good to Use?

Of the many different types of wood available, camphor wood is a popular variety. Camphor wood comes from the camphor tree which mostly grows in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and Indochina. It is an evergreen tree that normally grows to about 70’ up to almost 100’ in height. And is normally found in regions where the … Read more

What is Petrified Wood – Why it’s So Heavy and Hard?

Petrified wood is a name for special kinds of fossilized remains of certain types of vegetation. It happens when trees or similar woody plants transition completely to stone through what is known as permineralization. During the process, all of the organic material is replaced by minerals such as quartz or some other silicate. At the … Read more

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