TV Above the Wood Stove – How Safe Is It?

can you put tv above the wood burning stove

A TV above or next to the wood-burning stove isn’t recommended but is possible if all the safety precautions are followed. This includes protecting your TV from the fireplace’s heat by building a mantel and also keeping all the combustibles at a proper distance to avoid fire hazards.

Wood pellet stoves and log burners give off a lot of heat. And if that heat is not adequately dissipated, it could damage the TV. So, the main concern is safety when installing a TV over a wood-burning stove.

Why You May Need to Put TV Over Fireplace?

There might be a variety of reasons you want to put your TV directly over the wood stove.

The most common is the need to save some space. Especially if you have a small living room, mounting your TV over the wood-burning fireplace might be the only option to make the space look good.

You may ask why – because installing a TV over your wood stove will provide more of a focal point for a space with both the TV and stove in the exact location, as well as minimizing the need for a TV stand while keeping floor space.

Another common reason is that people want to create a certain ambiance in their living room. And having a TV next to or above the wood-burning stove can create a cozy and homely atmosphere.

That said, if you have extra space to accommodate and can afford to manage, mounting the TV over a wood-burning fireplace is not the best idea, and here are some reasons why:

1) It’s a Fire Hazard

If you have a fire in your wood stove, and your TV is mounted above it, there is a huge risk of the TV and nearby paneling catching fire.

Not only the direct fire but also the heat produced by the wood stove can be damaging to the TV screen and its internal parts.

At times, the temperatures around a wood stove can get pretty high, and if your TV is not adequately protected from that heat, it can get permanently damaged.

2) It’s Not Very Attractive

Believe me, it just doesn’t look that great, especially if it’s a large TV with a flatscreen.

Having a TV and stove side by side is also not very practical. Because if you have a fire on your wood stove, you probably don’t want to be watching TV. And if you are watching TV, you probably don’t want the distraction of a fire.

I usually relax or play with my kids while enjoying the warmth of the fire.

drawbacks of putting tv above the wood stove

How Far Should Your Television Be From Wood Burning Stove?

The minimum distance between the wood fireplace and the TV should be at least 3 feet. But you might have to put it even further if your TV is bigger. This is because the high temperatures near the wood stove can damage your television.

For the vertical height, the best practice is to put the television at eye level when seated. This will help to reduce neck strain. You should also ensure that the television is secured correctly so that it does not fall and injure anyone.

What If You Must Put Your TV Above The Fireplace – Safety Tips and Precautions

The first and most important thing you must do is choose the right TV spot.

This means ensuring that your TV will not be in the way of the heat emanating from the wood stove and as I mentioned before, this can be done by placing your TV at least 3 feet (1 meter) away from the wood stove.

Use the right mantle and mount

The next thing you need to do is to use a suitable mount for your TV that is designed for TVs that are going to be placed above the fireplace.

These mounts will help secure your TV and prevent it from being damaged by the heat. So, take some time and research a bit before making a purchase.

Once you have chosen the right spot and mount for your TV, get a mantel installed to protect your TV from the heat.

A fireplace mantelpiece and surround can be made from wood, stone, concrete, or composites. But you can also use a unique glass screen to protect TVs from heat.

Use the right cable and be careful

The last thing you need to do is use a suitable cable to connect your TV to the rest of your home entertainment system.

Generally, a high-quality HDMI cable rated for in-wall use will work. Ensure that the cable is long enough to reach from your TV to the rest of your equipment.

Once you have done it all, care that you never leave your TV on when you are not at home. Also, check that the area around the wood stove is clear of flammable materials.

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