What is Spalting in Lumber?


Spalted wood is any kind of lumber that’s been affected and discolored by fungi. During the spalting process, the fungi usually populate and extract the nutrients from the wood, leaving behind dark dotted (or lined patterns) along with soft, punky areas that are unique to each piece of wood. Spalting, while prized and desired by … Read more

Oiling Ebony and Rosewood Fretboard – What to Use?


Guitar fretboards are usually made of raw and genuine Rosewood or ebony. Some of them are also made of maple, which will generally be varnished, and you don’t have to worry about oiling them at all. The unfinished wood, like ebony and Rosewood, is left raw because these woods are quite oily by nature, so … Read more

Finishing Hemlock – What Type of Stain is Best to Use?


Hemlock is a softwood used primarily as construction lumber in homes and offices. It can be used for cabinets, furniture, and other woodworking projects. Hemlock has a light color that ranges from pale yellow to pinkish-brown. The reason why it’s a preferred wood for many is that it’s much stronger and harder than pine. Also … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Shiplap and Beadboard?


In the days when wood was the primary building material for ships, housing, and other structures, the connection of the wood planks or panels presented issues with allowing water to seep inside.  To counteract that possibility, different types of joint designs were created to seal such gaps and create a waterproof hull, wall, or ceiling.  … Read more

Can Watercolors Be Used on Wood – How Do You Seal Them?


Watercolors are natural for those who are just starting out in the painting. You commonly see watercolors used by children in pre-school and kindergarten to express their creative side.  They are also used by those who are young at heart when taking up painting.  However, while watercolors are easy to use and have many advantages, … Read more

Awlgrip vs. Awlcraft 2000 – What’s Better for My Boat?


Finding the right urethane topcoat for your boat may spell the difference between proper protection and vulnerability to the elements.  Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 both have strong reputations for providing ample protection.  But before you decide which product is right for your needs, it pays to understand the movement towards urethane or polyurethane coats.  For … Read more

Teak Oil vs. Teak Sealer – What’s Better for My Boat?


Teak has been used for centuries in boat building and today is most often seen as boat decking.  However, the wood still needs the proper treatment in order to maintain its benefits along with its appearance.  So, one question that arises is whether to use teak oil or teak sealer to protect the wood. Understanding … Read more

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