What is Snakewood – How to Finish It?


Snakewood is among the rarest and most expensive commercially available wood species worldwide. The main reason it is so expensive is that it is tough to work with, and the small trees from which the timber comes are getting scarce. It is hard to find large pieces of snakewood, and they are mostly available in … Read more

Types of Natural Living Fences – With Pros and Cons


A living fence is simply a type of fence made of living plants, small trees, or shrubs to provide you with more privacy than a traditional fence. Living fences are not only good for privacy; they’re also a low-cost alternative to adding value to your front yard landscaping. Just think of how amazing it would … Read more

What is Patina on Wood?


The way our furniture changes colors over time from being left outside is something we refer to as patina. This usually happens to natural wood, such as teak wood, when it’s constantly exposed to different weather conditions. To form the patina on wood naturally, instead of covering the wood with paint or sealant, it’s allowed … Read more

What Sealer to Use for Waterproofing the Wooden Vivarium?


Some of the most popular choices for vivarium materials are Perspex, fiberglass, reinforced glass, and wood. Wood is not only aesthetically pleasing in a vivarium setting, but it’s essential for the ecosystem. In many instances, wood has been known to completely change the look of a reptile’s home while providing all the necessary benefits wood … Read more

Is Rice Bran Wax Good to Use on Wood?


According to Wikipedia, Rice bran wax is the vegetable wax extracted from the bran oil of rice (Oryza sativa). It’s most commonly used in paper coatings, textiles, fruit & vegetable coatings, candles, molded novelties, electric insulation, waterproofing, carbon paper, typewriter ribbons, printing inks, lubricants, crayons, adhesives, and more. When used for woodworking projects, rice bran … Read more

Jojoba Oil Wood Finish – Is It Any Good?


Jojoba oil or wax by itself isn’t known to be a very tough material. However, when combined with other natural waxes of plants, it does wonders as a shiny wood finish. The properties which help this plant-based wax deeply hydrate the skin are what make it an ideal choice for products needing to penetrate deep … Read more

What is Spalting in Lumber – Causes & Prevention Tips


Spalted wood is any kind of lumber that’s been affected and discolored by fungi. During the process, the fungi usually populate and extract the nutrients from the wood, leaving behind dark dotted (or lined patterns) along with soft, punky areas that are unique to each piece of wood. Spalting affects the weight and strength of … Read more

Oiling Ebony and Rosewood Fretboard – What to Use?


Guitar fretboards are usually made of raw and genuine Rosewood or ebony. Some of them are also made of maple, which will generally be varnished, and you don’t have to worry about oiling them at all. The unfinished wood, like ebony and Rosewood, is left raw because these woods are quite oily by nature, so … Read more

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