2×4 Studs Made of Metal vs. Wood – What’s Better for Framing?


For the last century, contractors have used traditional wood studs and metals with high-gauge for framing load-bearing walls. The price, construction, along with the availability of labor usually decide whether a contractor uses wood studs or metal. While both of them can be a great option based on the specific construction requirements there are differences … Read more

What is an Expansive Bit – What it is Used For?

Put simply, an expansive bit is a tool used to bore holes of different widths into variable materials. The bits themselves are created with cutters that are adjustable. This means that they can be expanded or retracted depending on the need. This allows for one bit to do the job of several, saving time and … Read more

What are Pry Bars – Uses with Different Types

Sometimes called a crowbar or a pinch bar, the classic pry bar is one of the most useful tools, especially for demolition work. The basic purpose of a pry bar is to pull apart two objects that are otherwise connected. Because of the design of the pry bar, it allows you to apply considerable force. … Read more

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