Bamboo Floors in Bathroom: The Pros and Cons

Bamboo floors are tremendously popular these days among builders, renovators, and homeowners due to their eco-friendly nature. Not only in your bedroom and living areas, but you can also use bamboo material in your bathroom and kitchen to give these areas a fresh, unique appearance, just like hardwood. As long as you can finish and … Read more

Teak Wood Shower Floor Insert: The Pros and Cons

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree species that are highly popular and much in demand because of its properties. Not only it’s one of the most elegant and durable woods out there but also resistant to pests, moisture, shrinkage, and rot. That’s the reason, it’s widely used for all kinds of furniture as well as … Read more

Mango vs. Sheesham Wood: Which is Better for My Furniture?

Used for many centuries, wood is strong, durable, and relatively easy to shape, which makes it the perfect choice for furniture. Of the many different types of wood that could be used for creating furniture, the two that have stood out over the years include Mango and Sheesham. Both Sheesham and Mango are quite popular, … Read more

What’s the Best Wood for Your Kitchen Worktop?

The wooden worktop is best suited for your kitchen no matter whether you want to get a traditional or a modernized country look. However, the question is which wood material should you choose for your kitchen worktop? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question as there is a huge variety out there; and … Read more

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