What Are Furring Strips? Types, Uses & Installation Tips


Otherwise called wood strapping or furring board, furring strips are narrow pieces of lumber that are commonly used for a number of exterior and interior construction projects. They are usually employed to make a level plane upon which you can make space for insulation or lay flat materials to prevent dampness. Basically, they prepare a … Read more

Tamarind Wood – Properties and Common Uses


You’ll find Tamarind Wood in many different places around the world. But the species itself is native to the tropical portions of Africa. A typical Tamarind will grow up to 80’ in height and has a trunk diameter that may reach up to 3’. Sometimes called Spalted Tamarind, this is a common tree in the … Read more

Hackberry Lumber – Characteristics and Common Uses


The Hackberry can grow upwards of 60’ in height while having a trunk diameter that may reach 2’ in circumference. The tree itself is mostly found in the eastern section of the United States. However, it is also widely available in Canada. While not the most common of all wood in North America, Hackberry is … Read more

What is Pyinma Wood – What Do You Use It For?


Sometimes called Asian Satinwood, Crepe Myrtle, or simply Pyinma, this type of wood originated in Southeast Asia. A typical Pyinma tree grows up to 65’ tall and has a trunk diameter that may reach up to 3’. Although referred to as a “satinwood,” Pyinma is not a member of that family. In fact, it has … Read more

Chinaberry Wood – Characteristics and Common Uses


Chinaberry Wood originates in Southeast Asia, Oceana, and Australia. However, it is also grown in many areas around the world for local use. A typical Chinaberry tree may grow up to 50’ tall and have a trunk diameter of up to 2’ in circumference. Chinaberry Wood Scientific Name: Melia azedarach Tree Size: 30-50 ft (9-15 … Read more

Oregon Myrtle Wood – Properties and Common Uses


Although primarily known as the Oregon myrtle wood, this tree is also called the California Bay Laurel, Myrtlewood, and Pepperwood. As the name suggests, this tree is commonly found along with the coastal areas of southern Oregon down to central areas of California. A typical Oregon Myrtle Wood tree will grow from 50’ to 80’ … Read more

Willow Tree Wood – Properties and Common Uses


The willow tree is quite common in Europe and areas of Central Asia. It can grow to heights of 100 feet and its trunk can reach up to 4 feet in diameter. Sometimes known as the White Willow, this tree should not be confused with the Black Willow which grows and is sold in the … Read more

What is Ginkgo Wood – What Do You Use It for?


Sometimes called the maidenhair tree, Ginkgo is native to China, although today it can be found in many parts of the world most notably in the Northern Hemisphere. The tree itself can grow up to 80 feet tall and have a trunk diameter of up to 2 feet under normal conditions. However, very old trees … Read more

Catalpa Wood – Characteristics and Common Uses 


Catalpa wood is found in North America and is concentrated along the eastern side of the United States. However, it can be found across the US since it has been naturalized to the area. There are only 11 species of the tree in existence. The name comes from the Catawba Indian tribe who named the … Read more

Mulberry Wood – Properties and Common Uses


Found mostly in the eastern part of the United States, Mulberry can grow up to 50 feet tall with a trunk diameter that reaches one and a half feet. And while native to the eastern US, you can find the tree in different parts of the world. While Mulberry has been used for its wood, … Read more

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