What Can You Use Monkey Puzzle Wood For?


The Monkey Puzzle tree is an evergreen conifer that thrives in the temperate rainforests of south-central Chile and adjacent areas in Argentina. In Chile, the species can live among two distinct ecosystems – the Andes mountains and coastal regions due to their high salt resistance. Chile’s National Tree, the monkey puzzle, Despited being introduced to … Read more

Acacia Wood – Characteristics, Uses with Pros and Cons


Acacia is the hardest wood in its class, outshining other hardwoods with its high density and pliability. The orientation of Acacia’s fibers is multidirectional, meaning that they intersect. Its core boasts a rich reddish-brown color accented by dark veins, while the sapwood typically ranges from light yellow to brown. Acacia wood also has exceptional resistance … Read more

What is Amish Furniture? (History, Uniqueness, and Cost)


The simple answer to what Amish furniture is is that it is furniture created by the Amish people. But there is a lot more to what is this type of furniture than the heritage of those who create it.  Amish furniture is really an extension of the techniques perfected with the development of modern hand … Read more

What Can ELM Wood Be Used For?


The American elm was once one of the most widespread species of tree in North America. It was often planted as a roadside tree in cities because it provided good shade. Elm wood is strong and durable, making it a good choice for many different kinds of projects. It’s also lightweight and low-density, making it … Read more

What Does RTD Plywood Mean?


If you’ve never worked in construction before, understanding the sector can be difficult. Even in the plywood section, many individuals are overwhelmed by the options available to them. RTD plywood is a newer type of material that’s starting to be used more often for exterior purposes. If you’re wondering what makes it unique and different … Read more

BCX Plywood – What Does It Mean?


In simplest terms, BCX plywood is a kind of plywood made by bonding B-grade to C-grade ply with waterproof e(X)terior grade glue. The sheets used in the making are smooth on one side and bumpy (or scratched) on the other. BCX plywood can be used for outdoor projects, but it will last longer if you … Read more

Aircraft Plywood – Uses, Properties, and Tips


Choosing wood materials may not seem difficult, but it becomes more complicated when the project is one of a kind, like an “airplane.” In these cases, where safety is of utmost concern, you’ll want to make sure to choose “aircraft plywood” instead of standard plywood. Aircraft plywood (also referred to as airplane plywood and aircraft … Read more

Wood Graining Tools – Different Types, Uses, & Techniques


While not a true finishing technique, wood graining is the art of transforming surfaces to have the appearance of wood.  This can be used on different items and materials that range from metal doors to kitchen cabinets. When the wood graining technique is perfected using the proper tools, the results can be widely varied.  The … Read more

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