TV Above the Wood Stove – How Safe Is It?


In short, a TV above or next to the wood-burning stove isn’t recommended but is possible if all the safety precautions are followed. This includes protecting your TV from the fireplace’s heat by building a mantel. And also keeping all the combustibles at a proper distance to avoid fire hazards. Wood pellet stoves and log … Read more

What is Snakewood – How to Finish It?


Snakewood is among the rarest and most expensive commercially available wood species worldwide. The main reason it is so expensive is that it is tough to work with, and the small trees from which the timber comes are getting scarce. It is hard to find large pieces of snakewood, and they are mostly available in … Read more

50+ Easily Sellable Wood Projects for Students and Seniors


Creative activities like woodworking are good for your brain. These projects need various sections of your brain, including memory, attention span, and problem-solving abilities. They’re a fantastic method for keeping your mind and body active as you age. And that’s the reason woodworking is a creative talent that many retired people value not just for … Read more

Types of Natural Living Fences – With Pros and Cons


A living fence is simply a type of fence made of living plants, small trees, or shrubs to provide you with more privacy than a traditional fence. Living fences are not only good for privacy; they’re also a low-cost alternative to adding value to your front yard landscaping. Just think of how amazing it would … Read more

I Hate My Sliding Glass Door – What to Replace it With?


It’s a beautiful day outside, and you want to let the fresh air and sunlight into your home. But when you open your sliding glass door, you face resistance. The door is hard to open, and it seems like it’s getting harder every day. Worry not; you’re not alone. Sliding glass doors are notoriously difficult … Read more

30+ Gun Rack and Cabinet Plans [Blueprints for DIY Build]


Owning a pistol or a rifle comes with the responsibility of storing it in a safe and secure manner. A gun rack or a cabinet is, therefore, important, and it’s an excellent way to store your firearms, ensuring that they are out of the reach of children and protected from the elements. The problem is … Read more

30 Creative Things to Do with Scrap Reclaimed Wood


Recently rebuilt your home, and have got too much scrap plywood lying around your house? Maybe you are thinking about what to build with those wood scraps and how to make some good use of them. If you can think beyond the box and have some creative ideas, you can have some easy do-it-yourself solutions … Read more

30 Functional Things to Build with Tree Logs


Wood logs from trees are one of the most versatile natural resources. You can use them for fuel or make furniture, tools, buildings, etc. The good thing is they are easy to come by – all you need is a chainsaw and some patience – and they are often free. If you’re searching for something … Read more

27 DIY Wooden Cable Spool Ideas


Wooden wire spools are something that can be found easily and for free if you know where to look. If you have ever seen a wooden cable spool lying around and wondered what you could do with them, wonder no more. We have some fantastic pieces of advice, plans, and ideas for you that will … Read more

What is Patina on Wood?


The way our furniture changes colors over time from being left outside is something we refer to as patina. This usually happens to natural wood, such as teak wood, when it’s constantly exposed to different weather conditions. To form the patina on wood naturally, instead of covering the wood with paint or sealant, it’s allowed … Read more

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