Wooden Boat Finishes and Paints – Different Types & Uses

Boat finishes and paints are an important part of boat ownership, as they protect the vessel from harsh elements like salt water, sun exposure, and harsh weather conditions. These finishes and paints also help to maintain the appearance of the boat by preventing fading, cracking, and peeling. As such there are many different types of … Read more

Satin vs. Semi-Gloss Paint Finish (For Exterior Trim)

Semi-gloss paint finishes are designed to resist harsh weather conditions along with excess moisture. Plus, its glossier sheen (than satin) makes it more durable and easier to clean. Although both paint finishes can be used on the same surfaces, semi-gloss tends to be more popular for exterior areas of the home such as trims, siding, … Read more

Can You Paint Wet Wood with Bitumen Paint?

If you are going to protect wood from the elements, particularly water, then covering it with Bitumen paint is a good idea. Bitumen paint creates a seal that protects wood from the damaging elements of water. However, what if the wood you want to paint is still wet? The bottom line is that you should … Read more

Can You Use Blackboard Paint on a Chipboard?

If you are thinking of creating a custom blackboard by painting over chipboard, then you are in luck. Blackboard paint can be used on chipboard to create a place for you or your little ones to write away without causing any damage to the surface. The good thing here is chipboard will provide a proper … Read more

What is Wenge Wood – What Can You Use it For?

Wenge wood is one of the more popular types of wood used for the creation of furniture, paneling, and veneer. However, because of the lack of new trees, it has become an endangered species. Originating in Central and West Africa, Wenge wood comes from a rather large tree that grows well over 60’ in height … Read more

Pear Tree Wood – Characteristics and Common Uses

The pear tree is a rather common tree that is mostly found in central and eastern Europe. Although its popularity is such that you can find the pear tree growing in many parts of the world. Called pyrus communis, the pear tree is known for its fruit which is quite popular around the world. But … Read more

Brazilian Tulipwood – Characteristics and Common Uses

Tulipwood is a popular wood used for building materials. In addition to Brazil, the wood can be found in the eastern half of North America and in parts of China. Although it has no relation to poplars, it is often called the tulip poplar in North America. The Brazilian tulipwood is noted for its density … Read more

Hawthorn Lumber – Characteristics and Common Uses

The tree that produces Hawthorn lumber originates in Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. It is rather a medium size on the tree scale, growing to an average height of 30’ with a trunk diameter of 18”. Despite its average size, most Hawthorn trees do not grow large enough to be used for larger projects … Read more

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