The Best Chain Mortisers for Making Mortise and Tenon Joint

Best Chain Mortisers

One of the strongest and more popular of all woodworking joints, the mortise and tenon joint is used to hold together parts from a wide variety of furniture.

From chairs, tables, windows, tool chests, cabinets, and more, the strength of this joint is such that it is highly recommended for anyone new to woodworking to learn.

Although the mortise and tenon joint dates back centuries and was created with hand tools, those using power tools would be wise to learn the fundamentals of how to make this type of joint.

This will assist in understanding how to chop mortises and cut tenons to get the strongest joint in holding together sections of wood.

What is a Chain Mortiser?

This is a tool that cuts square holes into wood.

The hole is often used to create a mortise and tenon joint, although they may be used for beam fittings and posts.

This tool is used when standard drill bits are not appropriate for the job.

The chain mortiser stands out from similar tools because it can remove a larger amount of material in a short time.

This is because the chain plunges into the wood to create a deep cut much like a chainsaw.

However, it is not as large as a typical chainsaw, but it can remove quite a bit of material quickly.

Why use Mortiser for Cutting Mortises?

The main advantage of using a chain mortiser is that you can create mortises quickly and easily.

This allows you to create as many mortises and tenon joints as you want in a relatively short time.

This offers a considerable advantage over other tools that do the same job because of its speed.

This is especially true for larger structures, such as prepping timber for log homes that often use mortise and tenon joints to hold them together.

You could try to make a mortise by hand, but the chain mortiser is much easier to use and creates more accurate cuts.

For larger projects, it is recommended that you use a chain mortiser to speed up the production process.

best mortise and tenon machine

Which is the Best Chain Mortiser for Cutting Mortises?

The first consideration for purchasing a chain mortiser is exceptional quality.

You will be using this device to create many mortises, so it needs to be durable, long-lasting, and crafted from high-quality materials.

This means it should hold up for cut after cut and just as importantly, make smooth cuts into the wood.

The second consideration is how efficient the chain mortiser is to use.

It needs to be of exceptional quality, but also fast enough to make mortises quickly for your project.

The faster it creates the mortises, the better your productivity will be.

What follows are a few of the best chain mortisers on the market today.

a) Makita Mortiser

Makita is known for its high-quality tools and its chain mortiser is no exception.

One of the best is the Makita 7104L chain mortiser.

Producing speeds of 3,200 rpm thanks to its 10.5 Amp motor, this device can bore holes into thick, dense lumber with ease.

You can cut lap joints that are up to 5 1/8th” in size.

Plus, it comes with an adjustable vise so you can cut logs up to 12 1/8th” in thickness.

What makes this tool so efficient is the chain that features sharp teeth to create clean, precise cuts at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute.

Considering this device weighs just over 38 pounds, it is quite portable and easy to set up.

Add to this the cutter chain, a wrench for set up, a sharpener holder, and oil to keep it running smoothly and you have one high-quality chain mortiser.

b) VEVOR Woodworking Mortise Machine

This chain mortiser can run at speeds up to 1700 rpm thanks to its ½ horsepower motor made from copper.

What makes this device so handy is the long handle and smooth gear transmission that creates greater efficiency and speed when setting up and making the cuts you want.

It’s also quite safe to use thanks to the safety switch that protects the user.

Add to this the movable table which allows you to place the material with precision and you can create accurate cuts time and time again.

It also includes a 13mm drill chuck, 19mm chisel holder, four hex wrenches, and a 3/8 tenon cutter.

In addition to creating square mortises, you can create circular ones as well.  

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