How Long Does it Take for Primer to Dry on Wood Surface?

In most conditions, a standard primer should take between 1 to 2 hours to dry to touch irrespective of the surface you are applying it to. But when talking specifically about the wood surfaces, it will depend on the type and condition of the wood. And also, on the type of primer, you are using. … Read more

What Do Woodrats Eat – How to Keep Them Away?

Pests like woodrats in your home can be aggressive and harmful to children. While woodrats (also called pack rats, packrats, or trade rats) prefer to nest outside your home if given an opportunity they do not hesitate to move inside and make their shelter in your attic or behind the wall voids. Once they are … Read more

Can You Use WD-40 on Wood – To Fix and Seal Splinters?

Getting a wood splinter stuck in your finger or toe is no laughing matter. The pain they cause is such that it is desirable to ensure that all wood objects are free of splinters. However, without proper maintenance, you may find that wooden shelves, handles, and even doorknobs are at risk of splintering. To fix … Read more

Can You Boil Wood to Soften and Bend It?

Today, wood bending is most often used to create wooden instruments along with popular home décor items including toys and crafts. And to successfully bend the wood, boiling is used as one of the most preferred methods. So, the short answer is yes, you can bend wood by softening it first by boiling it in … Read more

Trex vs. Azek: What’s a Better Option?

Deciding the right trim and decking material doesn’t need to be a problem if you know about your options well. Azek and Trex are widely popular and are the two choices for most homeowners. But which one is better and why you should choose one over the other – comes down to knowing more about … Read more

Enameled Wood Toilet Seat vs. Plastic: What’s Better?

The toilet seats made of wood look beautiful and classy. They are usually made up of strips of wood that are built around a wood core to make the natural grains of wood visible.   Enameled wood is basically wood that has been painted and finished with enamel paint. The goal here is to give … Read more

Can You Use Bleach for Cleaning Wood – Is It Safe?

Bleaching agents are among the most overlooked alternatives when homeowners need to clean their old wood furniture, floors, or decking areas. While bleaching isn’t difficult for DIYers, you should know what it can do to your wood, before you plan to use them in your home for cleaning. Will bleach damage your wood surface? The … Read more

Can You Use Sugar Soap to Prep Wood (Before Painting)

The old saying that the better you prepare, the more likely you are to succeed applies in painting as well as any activity in life. This means, that the better you can prep for a painting job, which includes getting the right cleaning products, the better the results of your painting effort will be. Wood … Read more

Can You Put Wood in Your Kitchen Oven – for Drying?

Maybe you need to dry wet lumber for woodworking, or you are trying to dry your sola wood flowers for crafting or decorative use – putting the pieces of wood can always be at the back of your mind. If you are wondering whether you can put them in your kitchen oven, you are not … Read more

Timber vs. Aluminium Windows: Which is Better for My Home?

Timber and aluminium windows are the two most popular options when it comes to choosing window frames for your home. Even though you have various other different options like vinyl, fiberglass, fibrex, iron, steel, and others, wood and aluminum are the most common due to the unique attributes they offer to the homeowners. But when … Read more

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