Timber vs. Aluminium Windows: Which is Better for My Home?

Timber and aluminium windows are the two most popular options when it comes to choosing window frames for your home. Even though you have various other different options like vinyl, fiberglass, fibrex, iron, steel, and others, wood and aluminum are the most common due to the unique attributes they offer to the homeowners. But when … Read more

Can You Store Heat Treated Pallets Outside?

Wooden pallets are found highly useful in industries that involve packaging and distributing goods. Packing the goods in these wooden structures will ensure that the items remain stable even when lifted by a crane, pallet jack, forklift, or front loader. While plastic pallets are also widely used in the industry, wood pallets are comparatively more … Read more

Can a Humidifier Ruin Wood Floors & Furniture – How to Fix?

Humidifiers are the staple things that are commonly found in today’s households. These are good for your health & skin as it makes the environment more humid as well as easy to breathe. Especially if you are living in the northern hemisphere with low temperatures and dry atmospheric air, this is a must-have device for … Read more

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