How to Seal Your Cypress Wood Benches for Outdoor Usage?

Cypress wood has been used for thousands of years in shipbuilding, so it is well-known for its water-resistance properties. Due to these properties and because it is easy to work with, cypress wood has also become quite popular in building outdoor furniture, garden structures, deck, siding, and more. But being a softwood, the cypress is … Read more

How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors with Mineral Spirits?

clean wood floor

The reason why people choose hardwood flooring is it’s durable and provides a rich classic look to the home. Plus, it is relatively low on maintenance and has different variants suited to different parts of the home, depending on the dryness of the area. With that said, hardwood floors can become gloomy, lose their natural … Read more

How to Apply Epoxy Paint on Plywood Floor – 3 Easy Steps

Traditionally most floors in houses were made of concrete. But today, depending on personal preferences, the room or space that needs to be covered, there may be other materials used. Some of these flooring materials include tiles, wood boards, cork, linoleum, vinyl, plywood, and so on. While plywood is great when used for cabinets and … Read more

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