Refinishing Your Wooden Gunstock: The Right Way


If you’re like most rifle owners, you take great pride in your weapon. You clean and maintain it meticulously, and you store it in a safe place when not in use. But even the most careful owner can eventually run into problems with their rifle’s wooden stock. The finish may start to wear off, or … Read more

Shou Sugi Ban Wood Treatment – The Pros and Cons


Shou Sugi Ban is the latest trend in home exterior design. But what is it? Shou Sugi Ban (literally “burnt cedar board”) is a Japanese method of charring wood. The process not only gives the wood a beautiful, dark finish but also makes it more durable and resistant to rot. While the technique has traditionally … Read more

Soda Blasting Wood – Pros & Cons, Tips with FAQs


When you’re working on a big refurbishing or renovation job, you may have large stretches of space that you need to clean. This could mean removing mold, grease, peeling paint, residue, or any other substance you don’t want to work with. Whether you are working in a room in the house, in a backyard shed, … Read more

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