What are Pry Bars – Uses with Different Types

Sometimes called a crowbar or a pinch bar, the classic pry bar is one of the most useful tools, especially for demolition work. The basic purpose of a pry bar is to pull apart two objects that are otherwise connected. Because of the design of the pry bar, it allows you to apply considerable force. … Read more

What is an Auger Bit – What is it Used for?

For many who look at an auger bit, it may seem like just another drill bit. But there is an important difference both in design and function that makes an auger bit unique. An auger bit uses a spiral-shaped design that allows it to drill deep into the wood. The spiral nature of the drill … Read more

Zinc vs. Stainless Steel Nuts – for Outside Construction?

Nuts are fasteners that can be made from a variety of metals. Choosing the right material for nuts/screws is important in the outdoor woodworking job since this will determine how strong the project will be when they are used. The material will also determine their resistance to corrosion as well as their aesthetic appeal. Two … Read more

What is a Bradawl Tool – Usage & Sharpening Tips

The Bradawl is a tool that often gets mistaken at first glance for a screwdriver, chisel, or even an ice pick. That’s because the general shape of the handle and the shaft make it similar to other tools. However, the bradawl has a specific use that is quite important for anyone that works with wood. … Read more

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