What is a Peavey Tool Used For?

Peavey uses

Wondering what’s a peavey tool and what you use it for? Let’s have a look!

Peaveys are most commonly used for moving and rolling logs. The pointed tip on the end of the peavey is perfect for separating the wood logs and sticking in the ground or snow for sliding or leveraging the logs.

While Cant hooks and Peaveys are often spoken of interchangeably, Cant hooks are more commonly used for handling cants or logs (a cant is a partially sawn log).

Peaveys are an essential rolling tool for those in the logging industry, as well as arborists, landowners, tree care professionals, and sawmill operators.

A peavey is an excellent addition to your toolkit if you frequently work with logs.

How Do You Use a Cant Hook or Peavey?

A peavey or a cant hook is not new, but they have a long history behind them.

A cant hook or peavey is a tool with a long handle and a movable metal hook or jaws on one end. The hook or jaws open and close around the log, so it can be lifted and moved.

The best way to use a cant hook is to place the hooked end under the log at the center of gravity.

The other end of the cant hook is placed on the ground, and the long handle is used as a lever to pry up on the log. The log is then moved to where it needs to go and placed down.

There are different sizes and styles of cant hooks or peaveys, but they all work in basically the same way.

Some have a single metal hook or jaws, while others have two. And the handles of these similar tools can be made of wood or metal.

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