How to Securely Attach Chicken Wire to Wood Fence?

A chicken wire fence with t-posts is basically a type of fence post that is made out of “chicken wire”. Here the chicken wire is attached to wood or other objects to create a security system for your property. Not only for wire mesh fences, but you can also use chicken wire to make wooden … Read more

What are Tiki Huts Made Of – Building Materials & Tips

Tiki huts are simple yet durable and versatile structures that make attractive additions to backyards. Most have a waterproof roof that lets them serve as protection against rain and sun when you’re spending time outdoors. To your surprise, Tiki huts have become increasingly popular as an alternative to gazebos these days. But why? Because they … Read more

What is the Best Material to Cover Your Firewood Stack?

Covering firewood after it is cut and stacked is important if you want to be sure its quality will last for a long time. Without covering firewood properly, you can easily ruin the wood and make it inefficient when burning. The best materials to use to cover firewood are durable, water repellent, and breathable. Covers … Read more

How to Attach Marble to Wood – Step-by-Step Instructions

Stones like marble, granite, and quartz are timeless, trendy additions to your home. In combination with wood base, you can use them in so many places, and learning how to do it yourself is not that hard. If you are thinking about building a beautiful piece of furniture or replacing your old wooden countertops with … Read more

How to Clean and Refresh Your Antique Cedar Chest?

Cedar is one of the more desirable woods used to create chests, jewelry boxes, and cabinets. The wood material itself is pretty durable, warp-resistant, and unlikely to rot under normal conditions. But like any wood, a cedar trunk will have to be maintained, especially if you want to keep the smell of cedar alive.   … Read more

How to Attach Plexiglass to Wood – With and Without Screws

Sometimes called acrylic glass, Plexiglass is the trademarked term that is more commonly used. It is a strong plastic that is transparent and quite versatile. As an alternative to traditional glass, Plexiglass can be used in projects made from wood. Plexiglass can be used to create boat and shed windows, display cabinets, and when installing … Read more

How Do You Attach Wood to Metal (Without Any Screws)

Glue and similar adhesives have been used to bind different materials together for hundreds of years. Certain glues are better for specific projects, as most glue is designed to bind together similar materials, like metal to metal or wood to wood. When gluing wood to metal, you may wonder what the best adhesive to use … Read more

How Do You Glue Plastic to Wood – Different Ways

If you are working on a project that uses both wood and plastic, most likely, you’ve wondered how to connect them. Unfortunately, drilling a few holes and attaching them mechanically with a nut, washer, and screw isn’t ideal in most applications. Further, it may not be practical if you create a finished product like floorboards, … Read more

How Do You Glue Leather to Wood?

Leather is a strong, durable material that has been in use for many thousands of years. But many feel that it is not suitable for gluing to surfaces like wood because of its weight and also because wood being porous can create complications when using adhesives. Finding the right glue can, however, do the trick … Read more

How to Clean Soot off of Woodwork?

Damage caused to wood by soot requires that you clean it away as soon as possible. But keep in mind, before you get started, you will want to stop the source of the soot if it is still present. Also, using the right products to lift the soot from the wood, remove any items that … Read more

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