How Much Firewood Do I Need for One Night of Camping?


In general, you’ll need between two and five bundles of wood every day for your campfire. A typical wood bundle will contain 4-6 pieces of firewood which are anywhere between 0.75-1 cubic feet. And if you are planning for only a one-day trip, you’ll need 2-5 such bundles. However, if you want to have a … Read more

Securing Wood to Concrete – With & Without Drilling


If you are considering converting a garage or finishing your basement and wonder how you should go about securing wood to concrete without having to drill into it, you’re not alone. Below, we will explain the different methods to use to secure wood to concrete and cinder blocks both indoors and outdoors without the need … Read more

What Are Furring Strips? Types, Uses & Installation Tips


Otherwise called wood strapping or furring board, furring strips are narrow pieces of lumber that are commonly used for a number of exterior and interior construction projects. They are usually employed to make a level plane upon which you can make space for insulation or lay flat materials to prevent dampness. Basically, they prepare a … Read more

Tamarind Wood – Properties and Common Uses


You’ll find Tamarind Wood in many different places around the world. But the species itself is native to the tropical portions of Africa. A typical Tamarind will grow up to 80’ in height and has a trunk diameter that may reach up to 3’. Sometimes called Spalted Tamarind, this is a common tree in the … Read more

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